Smart sound patch device

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An introduction to the features of the patch panel and monitoring the sound of this device with several years of field research by the company's experts and with regard to the problems and problems in radio stations and the sensitivity in the field of sustainability and quality of input signals to the audio and audio from the rock, as well as ease of use and operation of users. The device has been upgraded to the other equipment used in the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation. This product was introduced in the General Directorate for the Development of Radiocommunication in 1998, which, according to a detailed study by the experts of the General Directorate of the company, designed and manufactured the product. Then, this project was introduced as a national plan in the institution of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology of the Presidency, which was selected as one of the most up-to-date projects after considering the above-mentioned plan. Some of the features of this product include controlling, selecting, and also controlling and measuring all the signals of the main modules with reservation in audio clips, as well as storing storage. Displaying all events, including user changes on the device, including entering and leaving the device menus, all choices, all changes Programmed by users at different times, as well as recording events such as silent inputs and outputs, signal fluctuations are possible simultaneously and periodically in the internal memory of the device for at least two years. The device has the ability to select five inputs of four signals from the back of the device as main inputs and inputs as test input from the front of the device, which simultaneously connects to the main modules and the reservation. The device has a MOD MOD input from the back of the device to display the output of the monitor modulation device to measure the sound level as well as the sound playback on the PA amplifier output device behind the device as well as test and measurement through the TEST OUT output from the front of the device that can be connected to the analyzer Sounded The patch panel and sound monitoring system has the ability to measure and display the level of signals on the graphic display screen in numerical order and with the choice of the desired point with units such as (dBm-V-dBv). As you know, in the event of possible bugs in the cholera system Due to the sensitivity of the absence of possible silence, the device is able to create, without creating any silence on the front of the rock, without having to go back to the sound of the rock, which at the time of the crisis is likely to cause a wanderer, resulting in unwanted errors and, consequently, Silence increases.

Using the inlet and outlet connectors of the test device embedded in the front of the device to the left of the device and switching the module to the reservation section, for analyzing the quality of the module, the test signal can be measured from the input device's test generator and the quality parameters are measured on the output connector analyzer. He then transferred the module to the original location. The system also has the ability to measure and display the level of the signal selected on lines and other parts, such as all inputs and outputs of the modules, in the monitor and on the LCD, the output of the amplifier and the output of the connector for analysis, along with the signal transduction and signaling. It has quality. Meanwhile, the ability to relocate all the main modules with the booking, and vice versa in a fraction of a second, does not require the physical switching and silence just by pressing the corresponding key, which is one of the most important features of the device.

The system can also set the time of occurrence of all occurrences and changes in two separate files, including the time and kind of changes to events such as unpredictable events such as silent events and the graph of the values ​​of the signals on the inputs and outputs by interfacing software to the embedded serial port At the back of the device, by choosing the speed and type of connection settings through the corresponding menu on the device, connecting to the computer and the network from each point and entering the software, and typing the password for the user to view and extract the file and the information of the operating system. It also allows you to make all changes to the device, including changes to the selection of inputs, selection of reserved modules, automatic and manual modules, priority of inputs, the selection of activation or termination of device alarms, the working time of the device, and the use of all The features that the user can use on the keyboard of the device. However, the device is equipped with features that are not sufficient at stations that have good or stable input sound, or the station is not available 24 hours a day, or when the program is disconnected. At stations that stop at the signal station They can continue the program from the global input by setting the device to the automatic mode, selecting the first priority for the provincial signal, and giving the next priority for a global signal of possible disturbances and manpower failures in the signal output. It can also be added to the device, which is designed to control the signals of overseas centers with the ability to play programs with different content, such as radio AVA and business, which is broadcast on a frequency but with two content. Or programs with variable languages ​​that the user must move at the specified time to the corresponding signal, which occasionally causes inconsistency and timing and content of the signal.

Which can be selected by selecting the runtime program and the automatic or manual mode of playback. The above menu is due to the complexity and case requirement as part of the device's features. The device has a different alarm alert system