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POP3 ،IMAP و Exchange

There are many email services today, and you can even create your own email when you buy a domain and space on the Internet. Sending and receiving emails in writing, clicking the submit key, and checking the items in the inbox are summarized, while behind the scenes many processes are underway to receive and send an email. It does not matter if you use the famous services such as Yahoo, Atoll, Gmail, or your website’s email service on a daily basis. If you try to use management software, you will encounter options and issues that each have a certain meaning. In the following, we will look at and explain a number of obscure but commonly used concepts used in email.


?What is the RAM of the phone

The memory of the RAM on the phone is much different from that of the computer’s RAM, inside the computer you see the pins of RAM, but the phone has no module and general chip on the motherboard. The Galaxy S5’s RAM memory can be found in the image below. look . The red chip of the Galaxy S5 RAM is part of the Elpida FA164A2PM, which is available on the motherboard of the HTC One M8. Under the same RAM, the processor is located.