For this purpose, you can contact the office of the company in Karaj and its direct numbers, or by sending an email to or ask your question directly.

You can, depending on your needs and by choosing the scope of the application, include: Engineering (design, installation, and implementation) of repairs, maintenance and technical support of the commerce, supplying the equipment and parts of your request through the fax office of Karaj or the company’s e-mail Send

You can find out all the details of your product by visiting the site and entering the details section of the product

For guidance on your devices and systems, please contact our experts at 34234723 (026), or if you wish, please contact our experts by e-mail

By searching the site and choosing the product you are looking for, requesting a pre-invoice and completing the information, the experts will send a pre-invoice to your registered email. Otherwise, you can contact the experts of Frost to make a call and apply.